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Corporate Bankruptcy

Attentive Chattanooga Corporate Bankruptcy Lawyers Do What’s Right for Your Business

We work to keep your business above water

Sometimes even the most well-thought-out business plan can’t stand up to a poor economy. If you’re the owner of a struggling business, you know it’s terrifying to imagine losing everything you’ve worked so hard to create. When it seems as if filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is your only solution, it’s important to contact an attorney who’s familiar with corporate bankruptcy and who can help you consider all your options. Patrick, Beard, Schulman & Jacoway, P.C.’s team of attorneys can analyze your financial situation to come up with a solution to help your business stay afloat.

Consider your options first

Most of the time, avoiding bankruptcy is preferable. Bankruptcy has risks and implications, but in some cases, the benefits outweigh the risks. As your business bankruptcy attorney, we make sure filing for bankruptcy is your only option before we proceed with your case. If there are no alternatives available, we work with you to help you understand your situation and protect you from any disputes or lawsuits that arise from your bankruptcy proceeding. We represent:

  • Trustees in recovery actions
  • Businesses and business persons in bankruptcy matters (Chapter 11)
  • Representation of parties and creditors in adversary proceedings

Our attorneys have your business’s best interests in mind. When handling your case, we work to reach a solution that benefits your business and keeps you from spending time worrying about the future.

Guiding you through Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Though Chapter 11 cases are not always litigated, disputes and lawsuits can come out of bankruptcy cases for a variety of reasons. Creditors sometimes object to the plan, or trustees find themselves at the center of a lawsuit and are forced to file suit against the other parties involved. A lawsuit within a bankruptcy case is known as an adversary proceeding. In this situation, you want an experienced attorney on your side who’s dealt with Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Patrick, Beard, Schulman & Jacoway, P.C. is prepared to confront any challenge that stands between you and your business goals.

Contact our business bankruptcy attorneys in Chattanooga, TN

Patrick, Beard, Schulman & Jacoway, P.C. is dedicated to making sure businesses, trustees and creditors are all represented fairly during bankruptcy proceedings. We provide the attention and responsiveness of a small firm, but we have the same seasoned team of attorneys you’d find at a large firm. To consult with an attorney regarding your corporate bankruptcy case, call 423-266-7327 or Toll Free  or contact us online.

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