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Dedicated Chattanooga Corporate Lawyers Move Your Business Forward

We look after your interests to limit your liability and improve your bottom line

Do you want an experienced, trustworthy attorney to guide you through all the legal details of starting your business? Do you need someone who can address your concerns about the future of your existing company? Patrick, Beard, Schulman & Jacoway, P.C. understands that starting or maintaining a business requires careful planning. The decisions you make now affect your success in the future. When you need help with business planning decisions, we serve as your trusted adviser, directing you in a way that best fits the needs of your business and reduces your risk of  making costly mistakes down the road.

We offer help with comprehensive business planning

Business planning decisions dramatically affect how your business functions throughout its life. You’ll decide which business model to adopt, what types of policies and guidelines your employees must follow, and most important, what happens to your business when you are no longer able to run it. Our law firm helps clients build a secure foundation for their business, assisting with planning and administrative tasks that include:

  • Confidentiality or non-compete agreements
  • Employee retention strategies and agreements
  • Split-dollar agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Employee buyouts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • License agreements
  • Succession planning

With more than 280 years of combined experience, the team at Patrick, Beard, Schulman & Jacoway, P.C. steers entrepreneurs like you down the path that provides the greatest opportunity for success.

We help you build a rock-solid business

Planning for the future of your business can be overwhelming at times. Our firm has significant experience in commercial litigation, so we know the precautions you must take for your business to run effectively. In working with you to determine your goals and address any of your concerns, we patch any holes we see in your business strategy and help you avoid costly mistakes that endanger your business in the long term.

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When you need business planning advice, trust Patrick, Beard, Schulman & Jacoway, P.C. to lead you in the right direction. We have an excellent reputation in the business community for providing exceptional legal assistance at a reasonable cost and we accept Visa and Mastercard. Call 423-266-7327 or Toll Free  to find out what we can do for your business, or visit our office downtown. You can also contact us online to set up an appointment.

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